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…until they utilized Marco Cruz’s tried-and-true hiring methods

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…Then Your Hiring Pipeline Is Neither Predictable Nor Scalable! 

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It's All About How You Position Yourself And Your Company

You Will Learn The Simple Tweaks That Will Say It, Without Saying It

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Marco Cruz

Meet The Founder

I ran my own cleaning company for 5 years. Starting out, I desperately took on the first workers to show up because I was pressured by tight deadlines from demanding clients. Eventually, I needed a way to standardize the hiring process. 

After years of trial and error, I finally cracked the code to building the only two structured systems that are necessary to grow a team of workers who exceed both company and client expectations.

#1, a system for acquiring job applicants

#2, a system for turning those job applications into long-term careers

Since then, my mission is to help as many commercial cleaning companies as possible by sharing the step-by-step action plan I use to build these two simple systems. You’ll be ready to continue Scaling Your Cleaning Business in as little as 5 minutes after we speak!


Here, I offer a quick, 15-minute strategy session to get you on the fast track to attracting the right employees to your business.

You’ll walk away knowing exactly what the bottleneck is and a few creative techniques you can implement today to resolve your issues. 

My goal is to help you as much as I can, so to make you confident that these will be some of the best 15-minutes you can spend, I’ll give you a free gift just for showing up on time. 

What’s the gift? 30 days of high-engaging social media content designed to produce high engagement with your ideal new clients. While this won’t entirely fix your hiring problem, it will definitely produce more exposure even to job seekers while positioning you as a market leader. Many cleaning companies are able to name their own price for these hot, inbound leads which, in the worst case scenario, will allow you to pay a dollar or two more per hour to your employees and thereby make great progress towards figuring everything else out. 


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And in addition to the 30 days of social media content I’ll gift to you as a thank you for your time, I’ll also give you a free trial of my proprietary Live Streamed Reviews solution to position you as an authority in your marketplace! (Drives website conversions up by 270% or more)