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Whether you work on a cruise ship or yacht, are enjoying a cruise, a Caribbean vacation or sailing through the Riviera Maya, you can connect to high speed Internet with one account in all your ports of call at local prices. When you are within range of a Playa WiFi Network hotspot, simply connect to it, open up a browser on your computer and select the plan that suits your needs.  You can pay with a credit card or buy a prepaid card at your local hotspot location, which will be displayed on your browser.

Why Playa WiFi Network?

World WiFi Network uses licensed software provided by Spotngo and Aradial AAA Hotspot Radius Server Secure Technology to protect you.  Aradial Hotspot Server for wireless includes state of the art superior technology which provides all security and authentication requirements for a wireless based network to protect its customers’ activities in real time. When you log in at World WiFi Network, it is through secure SSL connections (the same security used by banks and financial institutions.) This security measure encrypts your login and payment data while connected to our secure server. You can verify the safety of your data by checking for the “lock” symbol on the web browser while connected to a secure server. The “lock” assures you that the data is encrypted and the web site is who they claim they are.  You can also ensure you are on a secure site by checking that you see “https” rather than just “http” before the URL (or website address – the “s” indicates a secure site.)
In addition to the high speed Internet circuits to which World WiFi Network hardware and software connects, built in bandwidth management (Fair Gain Technology) and policy control allows our end users to have fast service and a pleasant experience. Bandwidth management prevents certain users from absorbing more of their fair share of the bandwidth which has a direct affect on all other users.  This is a frequent issue on free public WiFi networks, where one person downloading music, movies or other large files slows down the other users.  With Fair Gain Technology, the bandwidth is divided equally among the users.
World WiFi Network offers a variety of account options – the two most popular are: Minute Bank: purchase a package of time (1 hour, 4 hours, 10 hours, etc.) where you can log in and when you log out, the remaining time in your account can be used later at any World WiFi Network location. First Use:  purchase a package for a set period of time (1 day, 1 week, etc.)  The user has unlimited usage and can log in and log out multiple times during the selected time period. Accounts can be purchased online through a secure shopping cart or at the hotspot location.
A World WiFi Network account can be used at all World WiFi Network hotspots, regardless of where it was purchased.

Have a question about our service? Check the FAQ page, or contact us! Having an issue? Contact our support team.

Interested in becoming a World WiFi Network Hotspot Location?

World WiFi Network Inc. is currently welcoming business owners to become World WiFi Network Hotspots. There are several packages which can be chosen from such as: 1) Small Hotspots (only a controller) covering 300 feet (omni directional) 2) Medium Hotpots (controller plus external antenna) cover up to 500 feet (directional or omni directional) 3) Large High Power Hotspots (controller plus multiple high gain directional and/or omni directional antennas) coverage up to one mile or more.


How does it work?

A small Wi-Fi controller (the size of a video cassette) connects to your existing Internet modem. This device has a powerful built-in Wi-Fi antenna that projects an omni-directional signal up to 300 ft.  Additional small high power antennas are available to increase coverage areas.  Easily cover entire hotel lobby areas, guest houses, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, the resort club house and adjacent pool deck. Get more exposurebetter Wi-Fi coverage and provide your guests with a valuable service.

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About Us

Our History

Our History

Leadership Team

Our World WiFi Network team is a combination of unique individuals with a large spectrum of knowledge covering mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, graphic design, data programming, accounting and merchant acquisition – speaking more than 10 different languages

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WiFi is increasing in popularity

Although available for over a decade in many parts of the world, public Wi-Fi is only now hitting its peak in terms of popularity.  There are many reasons for this:

  • The availability and usage of small wireless devices, including smart phones, tablets, e-readers and laptops, has grown substantially and continues to increase exponentially.
  • Both general public and business consumers demand information at their fingertips, wherever they are and whenever they’d like.
  • Consumer & business applications are increasingly cloud-based and (Internet) bandwidth intensive.
  • Legacy and new Edge, 3G, 4G, LTE and other Mobile data networks and providers cannot accommodate increasing Internet & data usage demands.
  • Data Roaming on mobile carrier data networks is still very expensive in most parts of the world.
  • Consumers & carriers alike view Wi-Fi as a high quality, high bandwidth, and inexpensive option to accessing the Internet remotely

WiFi Deployment is Universal

Globally, public Wi-Fi is becoming a compelling proposition for several markets:

  • Towns, Cities, Local Neighborhoods and RV Parks
  • Cruise Ship Ports of Call and Marinas
  • Resorts, Condominiums, Hotels and Guest Houses
  • Airports, Hospitals, Universities and Schools
  • Arenas, Stadiums and Special Event Venues
  • Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Internet Cafés, Bars and Pubs
  • Internet Service Providers

There are Plenty of reasons for a Business to Deploy a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Businesses have many reasons why they choose to offer Wi-Fi:

  • New Products / Revenue Streams
  • Customer Retention / Stickiness
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Competitive Advantage or Parity
  • Increase Tourism
  • Customer Value Added
  • Traffic Offload – as in the case of ISPs

The Opportunity for Potential Wi-Fi Distributors is Now and it’s Big

For potential distributors, resellers and agents, there is an immediate opportunity to partner with World WiFi Network, and establish new Wi-Fi hotspots or help businesses improve existing Wi-Fi hotspots, and earn residual revenues, under license from World WiFi Network. For benefits on becoming a hotspot on the World WiFi Network, please click here

Become a World WiFi Network Distributor, Reseller or Affiliate Today

There are three distributor packages an individual or company can choose from which will certify them with a WWN license agreement. The three options are as follows: Distributor: An individual or company representing World WiFi Network with this distinction is fully trained and licensed to prospect, sell, provision and maintain hotspots for small, mid and large-scale deployments, in an agreed jurisdiction. Large-scale deployments include cities/villages, ball parks, marinas, cruise ship ports, hotels, etc. For more information about becoming a Distributor contact us. Reseller: An individual or company representing World WiFi Network with this distinction is fully trained and licensed to prospect, sell, provision and maintain hotspots for small-scale deployments, in an agreed jurisdiction. Small-scale deployments include the inside or close proximity outside space of restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, hotel/resort lobbies, etc. For more information about becoming a Reseller contact us. Affiliate: An individual or company representing World WiFi Network with this distinction is fully trained and licensed to prospect and sell hotspots for small-scale deployments, in an agreed jurisdiction. Affiliates will find businesses wishing to become World WiFi Network Hotspots remotely (via phone and Internet.

  • The affiliate will purchase pre-programmed equipment directly from World WiFi Network and resell at recommended prices.
  • The equipment will include FREE Internet accounts in different denominations which the affiliate can choose from (1 Hour, 4 Hours, 10 Hours etc.)
  • The total value of these Internet accounts will be three times the cost of the equipment paid for. The affiliate can choose to give or sell the accounts to the new Hotspot owner.
  • Once the affiliate signs up, the affiliate will receive an online account to purchase Internet surf cards/accounts at a discounted price set by World WiFi Network. These accounts will be resold to the Afilliate’s active World WiFi Network Hotspot locations.  For more information about becoming an Affiliate contact us.

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